RC Enterprises deploys robots for employees’ safety

The Jaipur-based manufacturer of electrical accessories is using seven robots to minimise human-to-human interaction within the office


Like many other manufacturing plants, Jaipur-based  RC Enterprises has also its employees back to the workplace. However, it has gone a step ahead to ensure its employees’ safety and well-being by almost eliminating human-to-human interaction. It has brought in seven  humanoid robots— driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT)— that carry files, mark the attendance, check the temperature of visitors, regulates entry of visitors, and so on.

There is one robot at the entrance which welcomes visitors and performs a thermal scan to check their body temperature. It is equipped to alert the management if the visitor is without  a face mask. Even employees are permitted entry only after the robot gives a green signal.

A second robot marks the employees’ attendance by means of facial recognition. A third carries  files from one employee to another on a tray. This robot is also capable of serving tea and snacks to the staff.

These robots are able to travel to other floors using the lift.

Ramesh Chaudhry, director, RC Enterprises, reveals that the Company had planned to introduce these robots even before the outbreak. However, the time is just right now, since they are “serving a greater purpose by minimising human interaction in the office.”

The staff now does not require to physically approach their seniors or colleagues to get documents examined or signed.

The Company that manufactures electrical accessories, solar cell panels and hardware tools has plans to introduce more of these robots to take care of tasks like watering the garden and moving things between the various floors of the office.  This will not only ensure safety but also help maintain hygiene and social distancing.

Even the doors, fans and airconditioners are totally automated inside the office. What is best is that these robots are capable of accessing charging points whenever they are about to run out of power. They are intelligent enough to find their way around within the premises.

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