Return to office picks up pace globally

The year 2022 will see more employees returning to their offices the world over


Across the world, most organisations have either already brought their employees back to office or have set deadlines for them to return to office.

In Victoria, Australia, work-from-home and masks in the office will end starting February 25. Employees will return to working from office in both Melbourne and Sydney. Queensland also announced an end to the mask mandate for most workplaces, schools and the hospitality sector.

Most of the staff of Wells Fargo have been asked to return to office on March 14 and follow the hybrid model. Goldman Sachs has already brought back its US staff to the office.

Microsoft has given its employees 30 days starting February 28, to shift to the last stage of hybrid working, in a bid to bring more people to the campuses.

In the UK, things are looking up in the property segment due to more people returning to office. In London, the number of those looking for houses has gone up and so have property prices, by about six per cent.

In the US, with chances of earning better pay and benefits presenting themselves, many employees are looking to switch. In fact, the number of job quitters has been really high needless to say that this has impacted inflation too.

In India, starting March 2022, some executives will be working from the physical office twice a week. Cognizant has allowed interested employees to work from offices by April. Meanwhile, Infosys is expected to stick to the hybrid model of work this year. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), on the other hand, has rolled out a policy wherein employees are expected to work remotely, provided they remain at their base location.

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