Senior officials of Municipal Corporation warned by the Telangana High Court  


The HC was reacting to PILs complaining about the inaction against dumping of garbage in the water bodies of the State.


The casual attitude of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) towards checking the dumping of garbage in the lakes of the city as well as Telangana, in general, has been questioned by the High Court.  Officials have been told that if they are not capable of discharging their duties in terms of protecting and preserving the lakes/ponds and maintaining cleanliness, they should simply resign.

The High Court was reacting to two public interest litigations (PILs) that were filed, complaining of GHMC’s inaction in preventing dumping of garbage in the lakes at Kukatpally, and of the stench emanating from the Jawaharnagar dumping yard.

Chief Justice Raghavendra Singh Chauhan and Justice K. Lakshman, who made up the High Court division bench, clearly conveyed their disapproval of the callous attitude of the officials of GHMC. They also drew attention to the fact that if appropriate steps were not taken immediately to check the pollution of water bodies and illegal encroachment of  and construction in the lakes and ponds, Telangana would soon face acute water shortage.

The commissioner of GHMC has been questioned about the absence of full-time  security personnel to prevent dumping of garbage in the lakes and report those who try to pollute the water bodies to the police.  Apparently, the photographs that were submitted along with the affidavit to prove how clean and well maintained the water bodies were, had no dates or time stamp, which clearly made the evidence weak.



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