Shadowfax rolls out COVID care programme for its 100,000+ rider partners again

The Company has already been running on-call COVID assistance and counselling for its rider partners and families


Shadowfax, the crowdsourced tech-enabled platform for last-mile deliveries, has announced its second COVID care programme for all its 100,000+ rider partners. It has implemented and enhanced safety measures to provide financial and medical assistance during this time of crisis.

The Company has been running on-call COVID assistance and counselling for its rider partners and families. It has been offering insurance benefits to its riders, which also compensates for the earnings lost due to COVID infection. It also helps asymptomatic riders to quarantine effectively, ensuring a safe experience for them all.

Abhishek Bansal, CEO and co-founder, Shadowfax, reveals that the policies implemented by them are aimed “to ensure that our network partners stay protected and in turn, the entire delivery cycle is guarded”. Shadowfax has “built state-of-the art technology to keep a tab on the spread of infection among our rider partners”.

Bansal also shares that “more than 95 per cent of our network is fully vaccinated and for the others, we have been making required arrangements to help them get their doses at the earliest.”

Shadowfax has been encouraging riders to get vaccinated, has arranged vaccination drives, and introduced COVID benefits over the past year and a half. Additionally, it promotes delivery partner hygiene practices, and has several safety measures in place, such as ‘mask selfie’ and no-contact delivery and so on, to protect customers as well as riders.

Relevant details and information pertaining to safety protocols, testing, medical aid, doctors, hospitals, emergency contacts, financial aid, and so on are readily available on a dedicated section on the Shadowfax Super App. There is also a helpline number for riders, in addition to a task force for vaccination and testing assistance.

The on-demand tech-enabled instant logistics platform works with Flipkart Quick, Bigbasket, Zepto, Apollo among others in this space. Amidst the pandemic, the firm has witnessed rapid demand growth in its key customer categories.

Founded by IIT – Delhi alumni, Abhishek Bansal, Vaibhav Khandelwal, Praharsh Chandra and Gaurav Jaithliya in 2015, Shadowfax’s fleet of over a lakh riders serves more than 170 enterprise clients across over 700 cities, delivering over 1 million orders daily.

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