Strongest surge in crypto jobs over the past year

In India itself, there are about 10,000 job openings in the crypto space


Over the past two years, cryptocurrency’s growing relevance in international business has led to a rise in the number of jobs in this developing field. Going by the sizeable jump in the number of job posting on online job boards, there is a boom in employment set to happen. Paid US job postings with keywords ‘cryptocurrency’ and ‘blockchain’ on LinkedIn went up by 600 per cent in comparison with job postings made till August 1 of 2020., which is a more dedicated job portal for the crypto industry witnessed almost 1,500 per cent growth in comparison with job postings made till August 1 2020.

Daniel Adler, founder,, told Bloomberg that hiring in crypto has gone up across all roles and is the strongest it has ever been at the moment. He also shared that prominent names, such as Accenture and JPMorgan Chase have also advertised with the job portal for crypto jobs recently.

The crypto job market in India is witnessing a lot of hiring activity at the moment. Specialist staffing firm, Xpheno, reported earlier this month that there are about 10,000 active job openings in the country.

Crypto as an industry continues to grow even though international regulation on the digital currency has tightened of late. The most recent example of increasing scrutiny over crypto is China’s recent announcement banning any trade with the currency. US regulators are also taking action against businesses who are operating in the space.

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