Supreme Court advises ‘work from home’ to curb pollution in NCR

Delhi government has already directed all its employees to work from home, while schools remain closed for this week in the national capital


Given the hazardous rise in the pollution levels in the national capital region (NCR), the Supreme Court has asked the Centre and state governments to implement measures to reduce air toxicity. The apex court has ordered the Centre and state governments to address the five chief causes of air pollution — construction activities, power plants, industries, transport and road traffic.

The Supreme Court has directed the Government of India, along with the government of NCR, to examine the possibility of implementing work-from-home for employees.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had informed on November 14 that the Supreme Court had also suggested that the state government impose complete lockdown in Delhi.

Further, the Delhi government has directed all its employees to work from home. Schools will also remain closed for this week in the national capital.

This move, it is hoped, will at least reduce vehicular emission into the already polluted atmosphere of Delhi-NCR.

The Government of Haryana has also followed suit, advising offices to implement work-from-home.

Given the severity of the situation, the SC has also asked the Government of India to take immediate action and plan for an emergency meeting where they can “discuss the areas which we indicated and what orders they can pass to effectively control air pollution.”

The air quality index in Delhi stands at an alarming 343 on a scale of 500!

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