Techie asks to involve mother in salary negotiation

A screenshot of the techie’s tweet, posted on LinkedIn, shows him asking if he can bring his mother to strike a “better deal” at the salary negotiation table


A techie’s post has gone viral for very interesting reasons. In the screenshot of his tweet, which he posted on LinkedIn, he seems to be asking whether he can bring his mother to negotiate a “better deal” for him in terms of salary! After all, mothers think their kids’ skills are unmatched!

Nitish Yadav, the techie in question, may never have imagined that his post would be viewed by thousands and invite varied reactions from netizens when he asked if he could involve his mother in a salary negotiation.

The software developer probably thought his mother was the best person to help him bargain for a better salary.

In his post, Yadav asks, “Can I bring my mother on salary negotiation call? She can definitely make better deal”.

The full-stack developer’s request only reinforces the fact that mothers are the best when it comes to talking high of their children and their skills. Therefore, they are the best when it comes to obtaining the best for their children. Then, why not use their skills for salary negotiation too? After all, netizens who reacted to the post pointed out, aren’t mothers known to bag the best bargain with groceries? Isn’t that how they manage to get the coriander and green chillies for free from the vegetable seller?

While many netizens seemed to agree with this, many wished to know what would happen if even the human resources decided to bring their mothers to the negotiation table.


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