Tesla to freeze hiring amidst plans of another round of lay offs


Elon Musk’s company, Tesla, is about to make another round of layoffs. The company plans to fire more people and has already informed the employees of its intention. Workers who were informed about this talked to Electrek News website. The news source further reported that the layoffs would take place in the next quarter which means the Tesla layoffs will take place in early 2023.

In addition to firing people, Tesla also plans to freeze hiring. However, whether this is for a longer period or for some specific roles, is still unclear. The sources have further added that the tech giant is preparing to expand in some manufacturing locations where the company might need to hire more staff. This suggests that the hiring could be paused for some time.

Tesla recently laid off nearly 200 employees from its Autopilot team. The company had also to shut down its California office earlier in June this year. Some reports also claim that the company has laid off over 500 employees. The news of layoffs comes after Elon Musk announced that the company will have to fire around 10 per cent of the salaried workforce as the economic downturn is nearing.

Musk, CEO of Tesla, has given various reasons to several people but the most common one is his fear of economic recession.

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