KITE HRD model worth emulating: NITI Aayog

Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education’s infrastructural interventions in the field of education have benefited over 16,000 government and aided schools in Kerala.


A report released by the NITI Aayog highlights the key strategies adopted by the Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITE) that makes it one of the best models in human resource development for India and even other countries across the globe to emulate.

Interventions were made by KITE in the infrastructure — creating schools using information and communication technology (ICT) — in the field of education. It also made an effort to enable internet connectivity and e-learning for children. The organisation has dispatched  3.74 lakh ICT equipments across 16,027 government and aided schools in Kerala. It also provided broadband internet to 12,678 schools in the state.

Founded in 2017, the sole objective of KITE was to integrate ICT-enabled activities in over 15000 schools in Kerala. Today, this initiative has specifically IT trained over 1.83 lakh teachers with the launching of programmes, such as Samagra Online Resource Portal and Little KITEs IT Clubs. The Samagra Online Resource Portal course, a part of the Hi Tech School project, is so designed that classes 5 to 9 can be trained through fun-filled activities.

From June 1 onwards, the First Bell digital classes were also aired through KITE VICTERS, the educational channel. NITI Aayog has noted 23 best practices in the areas of innovation, convergence, technology, gender mainstreaming and involvement of civil society organisations. Their impact and contribution in a wider public policy context is deemed useful via a scale-up or cross-adoption.

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