Uber to diversify into on-demand staffing services

Its new app will help job seekers find temporary, part-time and shift-based jobs.


Uber, the American ride-hailing service, is gearing up to foray into on-demand job services.

Uber Works, its new app, is aimed at helping job seekers find suitable jobs in a convenient manner. To be more specific, the app will help match shift workers with available shift-based jobs as well as temporary and part-time jobs.

Users of the app, that is, shift workers, will be able to get information about the gross pay, work location, the skills required as well as the attire. It will help hire people for jobs as varied as cooks to warehouse workers and even commercial cleaners or event staff.

The app is designed to ensure transparency and also sees to it that the shift workers are paid on time. There is also a facility to get feedback from the marketplace. Also, workers can find suitable/available shifts.

The app has only been launched in Chicago to begin with. The Company will tie up with various staffing agencies who are into hiring, paying and handling worker benefits.

Uber Works will be beneficial for job seekers as well as businesses because there will be a pool of qualified workers available for the taking.

However, Uber Works will not be a unique app in the marketplace, because many apps that help find shift-based, temporary as well as blue-collar jobs already exist in the American and European markets. Some of the popularly used ones are are, Bacon, Catapult, Gig, JobToday, Limber, Rota, Shiftgig, Shiifty, Snag and Syft.


  1. That’s great! There are many job portals available worldwide. Now Uber is going to redefine the job industry by providing on-demand job hiring and staffing services. Uber launches something new and unique services after some time.
    Also, Uber has built up trust and authenticity in the market so; job seekers will trust, too. So, they will use this service, which is only for Chicago right now but will expand soon. Please keep sharing and writing such helpful information. Thank you.

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