TresVista renews commitment to training & development of workforce

The company is promoting employee growth and development with ‘The Catalyst Programme’ for interns, newcomers, first-time managers and those recently promoted.


The launch of Tresvista’s CFO Office Services Academy represents a significant milestone in the company’s ongoing endeavours to empower its employees, nurture future leaders and ensure their continued success in an ever-changing corporate environment. In order to foster growth and holistic development, TresVista has crafted an industry-leading training programme known as ‘The Catalyst Programme’, catering to interns, newcomers, first-time managers and employees who have recently been promoted.

The CFO Office Services Academy highlights TresVista’s commitment to fostering top talent and nurturing future leaders within its core services. This academy, complementing the existing research and information system (RIS) academy, specialises in training analysts and associates to excel in the dynamic financial services sector, with a strong focus on technical proficiency in areas like accounting, Excel, FP&A, audit, TAS, financial concepts, and fund structures and communication.

Girish Rohira, director of CFO Office Services, TresVista, emphasised the organisation’s commitment to employee growth, stating that the primary focus of the company is to provide its employees with the tools to thrive and excel in the fast-paced corporate world. The CFO Academy is designed to help its team master their evolving roles

New hires undergo rigorous training to meet performance standards. The Catalyst Programme includes ‘Promotes Training’ for first-time managers and recent promotions, building a capable leadership pipeline. TresVista’s summer internship offers hands-on experience for MBA students, with 67 interns from top B-schools, including IIM Kozhikode, XLRI and IIFT New Delhi, 40 of whom received pre-placement offers.

TresVista’s commitment to its employees’ growth journey is underscored by its investment in a wide range of learning experiences, including classroom training, social activities, digital resources and on-the-job learning opportunities. With a global workforce comprising more than 1,500 employees spread across six offices worldwide, TresVista remains resolute in its mission to nurture and develop exceptional talent, recognising that continuous learning and skill development are essential components of all-encompassing growth.

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