UK’s skill-based immigration system to benefit Indians

Post- Brexit, UK snaps EU from Immigration advantage, rolls out an impartial immigration system for all international workers


The new point-based immigration system, that will be implemented from 1 January 2021, will assess EU and non-EU workers without any partiality towards the former. Skilled Indians who aspire to work in the UK, will benefit from the new policy as the visa will be granted on basis skills and not nationality.

Announced on 18 February by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the new-immigration policy intends to attract the brightest and best workers. The post-Brexit announcement clearly aims to make a distinction between skilled and cheap labour coming to the country.

A change in the immigration system is a big leap for the UK after having exited from EU last month. It aims to diminish the upper hand that workers had in the past to settle and work in the UK.

With many of its universities positioned high in terms of world rankings, the UK is a sought-after destination for international students who aspire for world-class education in elite universities. The new, skill-based immigration policy will not only encourage more Indians to apply to these universities but also help the UK gain from tech capabilities that Indians possess.

A few months back, the UK had transformed its visa policy to allow international students to stay in the country for two years after they finish studying. Since the UK competes with the US for the brightest international students, the reformed immigration policy will help it  acquire competent talent.

The immigration plan still has to be passed by the Parliament, which is highly likely since the Conservatives have a large majority.

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