Unrest amongst Apple workforce?

The questions that the CEO fielded during a meeting indicate that employees have lots of concerns and complaints


Of late, many accounts of harassment, pay disparity, sexual and verbal abuse, retaliation and discrimination have come to the fore at Apple, along with complaints against its business practices. A group of Apple activitists, called #AppleToo, has been encouraging present and former employees to come out with their experiences and approach labour officials for justice. The Group has been posting these (anonymous) stories online. All of this indicates that the employees are discontented and disturbed.

Tim Cook, CEO, Apple, recently fielded questions posed by employees on subjects they were concerned about, from pay equity to the Company’s stand on various issues, such as the abortion law of Texas. The meeting was aired globally for all employees to see. Through his answers, Cook apparently seemed to acknowledge that many of the issues that have been causing concern at workplaces across the Silicon Valley have permeated into Apple’s workforce and workplace too.

Former employees of Apple have revealed that the Company maintains a culture of secrecy, which is unhealthy and it appears employees have been finding it very difficult to openly speak about issues being faced by them at the workplace. They have been unable to discuss their issues with their colleagues or with the media.

With regard to protecting staff from the Texas abortion restrictions, the CEO said that Apple was working on ways to support the legal protest against the new law and will also revamp its medical insurance to cover employees in Texas in case they require to travel to other states for an abortion.

Not all of the 1,60,000 employees of Apple around the world, were satisfied with their CEO’s responses to the questions at the meeting. Also, it is not very clear whether the issues raised were deeply rooted within the organisation’s culture or just one off complaints.

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