Upgrading skills will be focus of Kerala’s draft industrial policy

The State’s draft industrial policy emphasises on readying the youth for future jobs by upgrading their skills in technologies relevant to the fourth industrial revolution


With the aim of creating jobs and retaining talent, Kerala has unveiled its draft industrial policy. The focus of the Policy is on upgrading skills of the youth of Kerala so that they are ready for the jobs offered by the industries of the future and equipped with knowledge of the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution

The State’s new industrial policy will leverage the inherent strengths of the State and focus on investing in the sunrise sectors.

The policy understands the need to align the industrial sector with Kerala’s vision of responsible and sustainable investments. That means, it is time to promote manufacturing in the State, for which it is essential to make use of the State’s production capabilities.

The policy draft will be available to all stakeholders in the next few days so that everyone can give their feedback and inputs basis which the policy will be finalised.

Post finalisation, the new policy will be released in January 2023, and will come into effect from 1 April, 2023.

The new industrial policy emphasises on creating more jobs, bringing about balanced regional development, facilitating and promoting entrepreneurship, putting in place the necessary infrastructure for the same, preparing for Industrial Revolution 4.0 by ensuring that the youth of the State are offered opportunities to upgrade their skills and become more employable. It will also offer incentives to make sustainable and responsible investments happen.

Some of the priority sectors are artificial intelligence, space sector, research and development, Ayurveda, biotechnology, engineering, designing, food technology, electronic system design and manufacturing, electric vehicles and Graphene.

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