Urban ladder organises ‘Girl Geek Dinner’


The company celebrates its women dominated technology team.

It is widely assumed that computer programming is the domain of nerdy guys. However, the growing number of women members in the technology team of companies has totally proved this to be a misnomer.

With around 30 per cent of the technology team of Urban Ladder, the online furniture company, comprising women, the company certainly has reasons to celebrate!

It has become the second company in India to have organised the popular ‘Girl Geek Dinner’. The event was held in Bengaluru on March 13. Yahoo! was the first company to organise such an event in India, in 2011.

The ‘Girl Geek Dinner’ is a platform for women IT professionals to network and share knowledge. The first dinner was organised in London, in 2005. A typical event includes an informal dinner followed by a presentation by someone who is deeply knowledgeable and passionate about her chosen subject area.

The event saw the willing participation of the women members of the Urban Ladder technology team.
The company hopes to increase the ratio of women in its workforce, especially in the technological department. It encourages women’s leadership and tries to ensure that women enjoy fulfilling careers with the organisation.

The evening saw the convergence of tech-savvy women, such as Ashwini Asokan (CEO and co-founder, Mad Street Den), Sonia Parandekar (director of engineering, Urban Ladder) and many more.

The women from various diaspora discussed, deliberated and shared their diverse perspectives on women in technology, and the need for more women in this field to take charge.

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