Virtusa employees in Chennai forced to resign, seek government intervention

Force and blackmail part of Virtusa’s modus operandi to lay off employees.


Virtusa, the Massachusetts-based IT company, is illegally forcing hundreds of its workers to resign as of December 11, according to the affected employees. The Union of IT and ITES Employees (UNITE) is resisting this illegal cutback of employees, allegedly undertaken by Virtusa.

Virtusa is located across India in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana, Maharashtra, and Haryana.

According to the employees affected by this move,  the IT firm is illegally forcing hundreds of its workers in Chennai to resign as of December 11.

The  UNITE has sought government intervention in this matter.

The impending recession in the US and UK could be the reason behind this decision by Virtusa.

On Wednesday, UNITE’s  post on Twitter read, “Hundreds of employees are being forced to resign by @virtusacorp at the Chennai office. Forcing employees to resign is illegal and unethical. Stop illegal retrenchment. @labourministry uphold the law of land. Employees of Virtusa, ignore the HR’s hypocritical reasons, refuse to res…”

“The HR told me that they will not provide me with an experience certificate if I refuse to quit and that they will blacklist me. When I revolted, they also said that they will withhold three months’ salary,” an affected employee made this statement to TNM.

Furthermore, the affected employee added that on November 28, employees from across India were flown down to Chennai and were asked to take an exam where the employees had to write a code on paper with a pen. “It is absurd to ask us to write a code on paper. Now when we are resisting this forced resignation, they are citing that we didn’t perform well in that exam,” said the same employee.

UNITE states that the employees have been compelled to resign due to being black -marked in the National Skill Registry. 

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