Why did this woman reapply to her own job on LinkedIn?

She found the job listing on LinkedIn and was surprised that her employer was willing to pay a significantly higher amount to a new hire


A New York City based female writer, Kimberly Nguyen has disclosed how she applied for her own job on LinkedIn. After her current company posted a job listing on the career website that offered a higher salary, she reapplied for the same role. The news became the talk of the internet and went viral after Kimberly posted about it on her Twitter account on March 7.

Nguyen applied for the same job she currently held in her company after realising that the company was offering a higher salary to potential new hires. In essence, she sought to secure the same role she already had but with a better pay package.

Her Twitter post read, “My company just listed on LinkedIn a job posting for what I’m currently doing (so we’re hiring another UX writer) and now thanks to salary transparency laws, I see that they intend to pay this person $32k-$90k more than they currently pay me, so I applied.”

Although she did not reveal the name of her employer, she did criticise the salary range they had advertised in the job posting, which motivated her to apply for her own job. She also expressed her frustration, stating that she did not want to hear any more talk about diversity, equity, and inclusion from her company’s leadership. Her post further revealed that she had been discussing pay equity with her managers for several months and had made them aware that she was being paid less than she deserved.

Nguyen’s tweet has gained immense popularity, having been viewed over 12 million times, received more than 220,000 likes and nearly 12,000 retweets. Netizens reacted strongly to her situation, several suggesting that she should either quit her job or pursue legal action.

In one of her final tweets on the matter, the Viatnamese-American professional stated that she was currently seeking new job opportunities as a UX writer, preferably with the option of working remotely. Speaking to BuzzFeed, she expressed feeling disrespected by her company but saw an opportunity to use the situation to negotiate for a higher salary. Kimberly received significant support from Twitter users, with many offering her advice on how to handle her job situation and even providing leads for potential new employment opportunities.

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