Wipro tightens contract hiring processes post TCS scam 

The company has increased its supervision and surveillance of the processes related to contract hiring


Following the recent incident where Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) terminated six employees and blacklisted six staffing firms due to alleged lapses in contract staffing, Wipro has tightened its hiring process. The company has enhanced its oversight and monitoring of contract hiring processes, making it more systematic in managing vendors.

The primary focus of the company is on the executives in the procurement and resource management groups who’ll play a vital role in the process. They will be the ones rotated across different teams and even locations every three to four years, engaging with contract staffing vendors.

In a conversation with a financial daily, Saurabh Govil, chief human resources officer, Wipro, explained how the company is consistently reviewing its vendors and plans to make their evaluation process more frequent and rigorous.

The company also has an employee risk management team which consistently evaluates processes in high-risk areas such as hiring, facilities management, and procurement. They conduct comprehensive mapping of these processes to identify any potential leaks or gaps. Currently, the company has three layers of checks and balances, starting with the functional level, followed by the employee risk management (ERM) team, and ultimately by conducting internal audits.

Furthermore, commenting on the current hiring plans of the company, Govil anticipates a subdued hiring scenario for some time. He also mentioned that Wipro is still in the process of onboarding all the campus recruits who were offered positions in 2022.

These are the individuals from the batch of 2022 who were offered positions but have not yet been onboarded. Due to the passage of time, many of them have pursued other opportunities instead of waiting. However, Wipro is actively maintaining engagement with these individuals. 

Moreover, Govil mentions that the challenge lies in the current macro environment, making it challenging to provide a specific date for onboarding, not just for Wipro but for the entire industry. As of now, the company is not onboarding freshers and is ‘reviewing’ its campus hiring plans for the 2024 batch.

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