Apple insists on 3 days in office, staff seek resist

Employees of the American tech firm feel they are so used to working from home that they may now have to decide between a balanced life with family and quitting Apple


Not long ago, Apple had communicated its return to office policy to its workforce, requiring everyone to come into office thrice a week. However, employees who have been working from home for more than a year now, feel that they have got used to the remote-working situation that allowed them more time to focus on family, escape the daily commute, look after their own wellbeing, and feel empowered.

The employees of the tech multinational feel that with this return to work policy, which they will be required to follow with effect from September, will force them to choose between all that they had gained from remote working and quitting the Company for good, like many of their colleagues had already done.

Many employees have come together to oppose the return to office policy, and written to the leaders of the Company requesting for more flexibility in the proposed hybrid approach.

Apple, however, maintains that its work culture is built on collaboration and personal interaction, which is very significant to the firm’s future.

The Company has responded to the employees’ letter by saying that those who wish for a permanent work-from-home arrangement will have to obtain a formal approval from the senior executives directly.

At least 80 employees have put their names to the letter, which is one of the rare forms of revolt witnessed by the Company.

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