Uber becomes generous, offers more flexibility to employees

Now, employees can work up to 50% of the time from anywhere


Uber Technologies, which had earlier expected its employees to work from home for up to two days a week, and from office the rest of the time, has now made changes to its return-to-office policy. Making the policy more favourable for employees, it has introduced high levels of flexibility. Now, an Uber employee can work from the office for five days in one week and choose to stay away from office for all of the following week if they so desire. That means, employees are allowed to spend 50 per cent of their work time working from anywhere they wish to.

Earlier, the Company’s return-to-office policy expected employees to spend at least three days a week in office and the rest working from anywhere, starting September 2021. However, now it has made the policy even more flexible, requiring employees to spend at least half their time in office.

The American ride-hailing company, decided to revamp its policy after it saw discontentment amongst the workforce. With this move, Uber becomes one of the many tech companies that have decided to let their employees spend more time working remotely.

Like most organisations worldwide, Uber has also come to realise that a significant amount of work can be managed virtually, even though the physical interaction at the physical workplace is missed. Therefore, the Company will not be rigid about employees achieving their weekly 50 per cent target. Also, employees may work from any office closest to their present location. However, this arrangement is likely to affect the compensation, depending on the location.

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