Adecco’s ‘Experience Work Day’ to help young job seekers on their ‘way to work’


Offices and branches of Group in 46 countries to open their doors for a full day’s job shadowing, career orientation, CV clinics and interviews.

With an aim to help young job seekers overcome the challenges they face in finding and landing good jobs, the Adecco Group will dedicate 700 branches and offices in 46 countries, on April 26, to helping, guiding and advising young job seekers on their ‘way to work’.

The transition from school to work and making a decision that affects their future careers is one of the most challenging and critical phases in young people’s lives. With global youth unemployment still at an estimated 71 million, that transition has become all the more fraught amid rapid changes in the structure of work, new skill requirements from employers and increasing uncertainty.  

The best way to get a job is through experience. However, experience is precisely what the overwhelming majority of school leavers lack. Most have had no exposure to the labour market, and many have little idea about their future careers, the options available to them or indeed what kind of profession best suits their skills, personalities and aspirations.

To help young people overcome these issues and find a direction, Adecco is launching ‘Experience Work Day’—a once a year opportunity to visit an Adecco office and gain invaluable guidance on careers, job hunting, applications and interviews.  

Under the programme, 700 locations in 46 countries will open their doors to thousands of job seekers. Participants will be able to shadow The Adecco Group employees in the departments and roles of their choice, getting to know the opportunities of working life, the variety of career paths available, and gaining a first-hand experience of what specific jobs look like.

Alain Dehaze

Alain Dehaze, chief executive officer, The Adecco Group, shares that by the time he started his marketing career in 1987, he had had the chance to work at his parents’ shop and at a large international retailer, providing a feel for fast-moving consumer goods. Each step helped him plot his career path, taught him who he wanted to be and what hard and soft skills were required.

He says, “Not enough youngsters today have the same opportunities. I look forward to opening our doors to help young people discover more about the careers that interest them and provide the guidance and chances they deserve.”

On April 26, Adecco India will be inviting colleges in the country to participate at their office. The team of 900+ Adecco employees will be actively involved in interacting and training potential job seekers, sharing tips and experiences on-the-job, career assistance orientation, notes on developing a good CV and conducting workshops and mock interviews.

Insights and advice will come from careers and job-placement experts. The sessions will also include CV clinics, social-media identity assessment, coaching to master professional interviews and seminars to assess and orient the development of the key skills required in today’s labour market. Participants will also learn about the large variety of job opportunities, internships and work-based training opportunities offered by The Adecco Group itself.

Most fresh graduates think they are job ready on obtaining their degree. However, every job demands certain additional skillsets which most of them lack. This needs a fix at the educational level. Hearteningly, recent skill development initiatives from the government and corporates alike are helping skill fresh graduates to better meet industry requirements.

In line with that, Priyanshu Singh, country manager & MD, Adecco Group India adds, “The ‘Way to Work’ programme at Adecco India helps tackle this issue by helping young people get better prepared to enter the workforce. ‘Experience Work Day’ is an initiative under Adecco’s ‘Way to Work’ programme.”

The global ‘Experience Work Day’ follows the success of The Adecco Group Street Day, an initiative launched in 2012 to support more than three million people around the world in gaining a better start in the world of work.

‘Experience Work Day’ is part of The Adecco Group ‘Way to Work’, launched in 2013, to tackle youth unemployment and skills shortage, develop young people’s employability and help them enter the world of work. Through ‘Way to Work’, the Group provides youngsters with internships and apprenticeships (over 10,700 since 2015), career guidance and training and an opportunity to become ‘CEO for One Month’.

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