Five-day work week for Maharashtra Government employees on the cards

The employees will have to put in 45 minutes extra every day to earn their Saturday off


Employees working for the Government of Maharashtra, who presently get only second and fourth Saturdays off every month, may soon be able to enjoy a five-day work week.  However, there is a catch. They will have to work 45 minutes extra from Monday to Friday to earn their Saturdays off. In other words, the employees will have to put in 3.75 hours of extra work every week, which is equal to half a day’s duty. However, this five-day week will not be followed by emergency services.

One of the demands of the State Government Gazetted Officers’  Organisation was that all employees should get all Saturdays and Sundays off. While the chief minister has agreed to the five-day work week, the proposal is yet to receive a nod from the cabinet.

It is felt that a five-day work week will help to control absenteeism, and also provide employees with a chance to achieve work–life balance. Valuable time with family will add to their satisfaction, and is expected to make them more efficient and productive. The additional 45 minutes being put in daily will anyway amount to an extra half day’s work.

The earlier chief minister had also agreed in principle to a five-day week but the final decision had been pending.

Another decision that remains pending is to do with increasing the age limit for retirement. The employees had been demanding that the limit be increased to 60 years from the current 58.  While it was promised that the issue will be looked into, nothing has been decided yet.

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