Four additional holidays for non-smoking employees


A company in Britain has come up with this unique offer to get its employees to quit smoking   

A logistics company in South West England has thought of a novel way to get its employees to quit smoking. KCJ Training and Employment Solutions has offered four additional holidays to those employees who do not smoke!

The Company’s managing director came up with this initiative when he realised that employees were spending almost an hour daily on smoking breaks, whereas the non-smokers continued to work. It dawned on him that 10-minute long smoking breaks at least seven times a day was a criminal waste of time, and absolutely unfair to the non-smokers who hardly took breaks, continued to work at their desks, and received the same salary.

Therefore, the MD introduced this new policy on New Year, which has been welcomed by the workforce.  Not only will it check wastage of time and loss of productivity, it will benefit the health of the workforce who will be motivated to give up smoking.

KCJ Training and Employment Solutions  is not the only company to come up with this unique policy.  Piala Inc. of Tokyo has also offered its non-smoking staff members six additional holidays to compensate them for the time they spend working, while their smoker colleagues take smoking breaks every day.   In Piala’s case, it was one of the employees who drew the attention of the management to the falling productivity due to smoking breaks.  The employee brought to the notice of the management that since the office was situated on the 29th floor, smokers wasted a lot of time to get to the basement to smoke. This meant longer smoking breaks, which was irking the non-smokers who remained at their workstations working diligently without a break.

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