Why are cast members at Disneyland Paris on strike again?

For some time now, the employees have been expressing their dissatisfaction over low wages and staff shortages


It has hardly been a week since staff at Disneyland Paris disrupted operations leading to several shows and events being cancelled and various attractions being closed for the entire day. Now, the cast members are on strike again claiming that this so called land of magic and dreams is far away from what it appears to be. Most of the disgruntled staff belong to the maintenance, security and hospitality divisions. This is probably the first strike in over two decades at Disneyland Paris.

The workers at this popular tourist destination claim that their struggles are increasing with each passing day, which is why they walked out for the sixth time recently. The employees are seeking better working conditions and increased wages to keep pace with the rising inflation.

In the first display of protest last month, that is, May 2023, at least 500 out of the 17,000 staff members had walked out. By early June, the number of protestors had doubled.

The cast members are seeking a pay raise of Euros 200 per month along with double wages for Sundays, in addition to improved working conditions. Workers claim that the work environment is far from comfortable with work hours being changed frequently. Due to constant shortage of staff, there is extra work burden on the employees who are not even compensated for the extra effort and work they put in. Some of them end up working on weekends too without extra pay. They are, therefore, seeking more reasonable work hours and better pay. Many employees have written about their misery on social media. Additionally, employees see no opportunities for growth in the amusement park.

Last year, post lifting of COVID-related restrictions, the park had made record profits. Yet, the workers claim that they have not benefitted in any way.

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