China tries to boost employment through cloud recruitment

Job hunting websites in China have jointly launched an online recruitment program and over 2 million jobs have been offered to graduates.


In an attempt to boost employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in China, many universities are now looking towards ‘cloud recruitment’ to get their students placed after graduation.

An executive meeting held by the State Council opined that during this time of health crisis, a balanced approach should be taken to keep employment stable in the country. The ministry sent around a circular encouraging young college graduates to join the military, pursue higher education or find jobs in sectors, such as agriculture. The key labour targets are the recent college graduates and the migrant workers.

Cloud recruiting allows employers to review and respond to job applications in real time.

On March 18, many universities including the Beijing Jiaotong University and the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications led a joint effort to launch a job event online. The goal was to expand the avenues of recruitment and use resources in a better and more economical way.

The event proved to be a success and attracted over 1000 organisations across sectors, such as transport, communications and construction. Around 70,000 jobs were offered to the participating candidates.

Job hunting websites in China have jointly launched an online recruitment programme and over two million jobs have been offered to graduates so far. Over 50,000 organisations participated and over 4.5 lakh students took part in the online job fair.

Local governments have also pitched in to help out with recruitment. Beijing Municipal Education Commission is looking to expand channels for recruitment. Shanghai launched a cloud job fair early this week with over 6000 recruiters providing more than one lakh jobs to college graduates around the world.

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