How candidate experience can make or break your employer brand

In a study conducted by Manpower solutions, it was found that employer brand and consumer brand are directly linked and that a bitter candidate experience can even affect the overall business


It’s time employers start treating their candidates well, right from the time they are approached and until they on-board. as negative experiences of the applicants can even affect the sales a company does. In a study conducted by Manpower solutions, it was found that employer brand and consumer brand are directly linked. Companies may face repercussions if their candidates leave with a bad impression.

This can heavily affect their employer branding efforts and may in turn adversely impact the overall sales as well. The report says that 54 per cent of people who leave with a negative experience as candidates for a company, are more likely to not use the company’s products and services as well. The employees of the company and the aspiring candidates are also potential customers to the business and the loyal customers of a company can also be its potential employees.

The report also suggests that 56 per cent of global candidates are more likely to work for a company whose products they buy or use.

Also, negative word of mouth works faster than positive word of mouth as people like to share their bad experience with others. This can cost the employers a big deal. It has been mentioned in the report that 61 per cent of candidates will tell other people about their experiences and 50 per cent of candidates agreed that a bad experience of their friend would make them less likely to buy a product or service of the respective company.

What irks the candidates the most?
Lack in transparency of salary and job description topped the charts. It was found that 63 per cent of candidates agreed that lack in transparency of salary and job description gives them a negative impression of the company.

However for Indian candidates, this figure is a little higher with 68 per cent. There are other reasons as well, such as not receiving a response on time and a slow process of responding to the candidates. Not responding to the candidates, further acts as a missed opportunity to build a relationship with a potential buyer.

Asking for a drink or coffee and not keeping your candidates waiting for long hours will ensure that companies don’t lose out on their potential or existing customers and will leave a good impression. Rumours or criticisms spread like wild fire and this can destroy the image of a company. So, if you are an employer, remember even your business is at stake and make genuine efforts to keep your candidates happy, so that whether or not they land a job with you, at least they go back home with a smiling face.

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