More opportunities for content creators, digital marketers in 2021: Survey

A LinkedIn survey reveals that digitisation, cybersecurity and customer experience are growing in importance


The year 2021 will see more opportunities emerging for freelance content creators, and social-media and digital marketing experts. More than 75 per cent Indian professionals will be actively searching for new jobs in 2021. That means, three out of every four professionals will think of changing jobs or taking up a new job this year. Interestingly, two in five job seekers in India believe that online learning will be critical to getting a suitable job in 2021.

Amidst the uncertainty, it is the freelance content creators, marketing professionals (social media and digital marketing), cybersecurity experts and specialised engineers who top the list of those with better job opportunities.

All hope is not lost, because, of the 1,0165 Indians surveyed, 64 per cent professionals feel confident that they will progress in the future.

Finance, education, artificial intelligence, e-commerce and cybersecurity-related jobs made it to the list of top 10 job categories that have witnessed maximum growth as compared to 2019. Other roles that will experience growth include those pertaining to data science, healthcare, human resources, customer service and user experience.

It is also clear that the importance of digitisation, cybersecurity and customer experience is growing. The ‘Jobs on the Rise’ list for India clearly reflects the changes that have swept across the work ecosystem of the country in 2020. Digital transformation has certainly been the highlight, while human resources continues to be indispensable.

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