New survey claims Gen Z ‘Snowflakes’ are difficult to work with in US

A majority of managers and owners believe that this ‘snowflake generation’ was overly sensitive


49 per cent American business owners and managers stated that they faced difficulty while working with Gen Z employees all or most of the time. A global survey with approx. 1,344 individuals in managerial roles from various industries in the US revealed that they possess an unfavourable perspective toward Gen Z employees, causing them to face challenges in the workplace.

The study also revealed a number of reasons why managers and owners in the US have this kind of approach while working with the Gen Z workforce. They identified entitlement and insufficient effort, drive, and output as factors behind their decision to terminate the employment of Gen Z employees. Some even mentioned that this “snowflake generation” was “overly sensitive,” and cited it as another cause for their dismissal.

Additionally, the study also revealed that employers find it overwhelming dealing with their Gen Z workers as they lack control and enjoy confronting their superiors. Moreover, since they are known to be born tech-savvy, they assume that they know everything about the digital world and try to think they are superior to their bosses, more intelligent, and skilled, and are not hesitant to express it openly.

An overwhelming 79 per cent of respondents identified Gen Z as the most problematic generation to work with in the workplace. A majority of 59 per cent also reported having to terminate the employment of a Gen Z worker, with 20 per cent of them stating that they had to do so within a week of their joining.

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