Will healthcare recruiters, HR specialists be in demand in 2023?

As per the ‘Jobs on the Rise’ list, these are amongst the job titles that have grown rapidly over the past five years


During and post -pandemic, the jobs market underwent drastic changes. For those who are wondering about the future of their careers or are seeking a career change, the ‘2023 Jobs on the Rise’ list can offer some insights. In the field of human resources, the job titles that have grown real fast in India as per LinkedIn’s list, are as follows:

Healthcare recruiters: These are people who screen candidates, schedule interviews and hire suitable candidates for the healthcare industry. The roles they are looking to fill are those of nurses, doctors, medical practitioners and even interpreters. They need to be strong with sourcing, healthcare staffing and recruiting skills. Their services are sought in hospitals, administrative and support services and in the healthcare space. Presently, 38 per cent of the professionals in this area are women, while 62 per cent are men. About 41 per cent of these jobs offer remote working.

Talent acquisition partners: They work to develop long-term strategies to not only identify, but interview, hire and onboard new talent within organisations. They have to be adept at sourcing, managing and recruiting talent. Their services are sought after in technology, media and financial services sectors. Their demand is highest in Hyderabad, Mumbai and Bengaluru. About four per cent of these jobs allow remote working.

Human resource specialists: Their main job is to interview and hire candidates. Additionally, they also supervise the entire process of onboarding and training. They require skills in HR operations, recruitment and human resource information systems (HRIS). They are most sought after in the manufacturing, financial services and professional services sectors. While about 51 per cent of these jobs are held by women, 49 per cent are held by men. About 1.3 per cent of these professionals are able to work remotely.

Credentialing specialists: These professionals are tasked with monitoring the licenses and credentials of employees as per the established standards and guidelines of the company. Their services are most sought after in the healthcare sector, that is, in hospitals and related administrative and support services. They need to be able to handle medical billing and accounts receivables among other skills. A significant 42 per cent of people in this line are able to work remotely. Opportunities exist in Chennai, Hyderabad and Noida. Women make up 34 per cent of the talent in this area, while men comprise a good 66 per cent.

Other job titles that feature in the list of 25 are category associate, customer success associate, user experience writer, data annotator, closing manager, head of growth, business development representative, actuarial associate, sales development representative, acquisition associate and demand generation associate.

Some of the interesting job titles include, drone pilot, sustainability manager, customer success engineer, technical programme manager and insights analyst. Campaign associates, chiefs of staff, graphic design managers, medical scribes and tax associates are also job titles that have grown considerably in the past few years and are expected to be in demand in the coming future too.

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