Maximum earning potential at INR 81 lakhs: IIM-A PGPX placement 2020

Candidates going for strategic roles followed by marketing and sales have the potential to earn the maximum this year


The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad came out with its 2020 placement report for its post-graduate programme in management for executives (PGPX). The results have been quite positive despite the gloom and doom situation of the economy.

The maximum earning potential (MEP) figured at INR 81 lakhs, which is a 35 per cent jump from last year. Out of the 120 offers made, maximum were bagged for the IT industry by a large margin, compared to other sectors. Companies in the IT sector made 42 offers followed by online services that made 14 offers out of the total. The highest MEP has been considered for strategic function followed by marketing and sales at INR 80 lakhs.

The minimum earning potential for a candidate rested at INR 18 lakhs, which is an increase of one lakh from last year. Most of the offers came from the National Capital Region (NCR) followed by Bangalore.

One possible outcome of the present condition is the lack of international offers. Since 2015, the highest number of international offers were made in 2018 with five out of 94 offers made by companies in the Middle East and Europe. Last year, there was only one international offer from Europe.

Looking at the figures sector wise, it is seen that pharmaceutical, IT and online services present the highest earning potential for candidates, with online services at the top figuring at INR 71 lakhs. While IT made the maximum offers, it ranked third at INR 50 lakhs when considering maximum earning potential.

The report cites the maximum earning potential of candidates, which is the sum of the total guaranteed cash component, highest possible linked variable pay and all other components of salary, such as long-term compensation, gratuity and other benefits.

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