How can employers ensure positive employee experience?

The answer lies in the efficiency of the leaders and the practices followed at the workplace.


Considering that experiences matter way more than money to people today, it is not without reason that organisations are giving serious thought to creating ideal employee experiences. Today’s employees expect great experiences at work. And these experiences provide a competitive edge. So how do organisations provide them? Through their leaders and workplace practices of course!

It is common knowledge that team leaders and managers are very significant when it comes to creating the right work atmosphere. They are the ones capable of clearly stating and explaining to the staff what the organisation’s goals are and where exactly the organisation is headed. Clarity regarding the direction the organisation is moving in is important for the employees to give their best.

It is up to the leaders and managers to provide a positive environment for the employees to work in —a supportive environment with high commitment levels. If the managers fail to support their teams, the employees tend to lose interest.

While leaders are responsible for initiating the process of creating a positive employee experience, the practices followed at the workplace, help strengthen and fuel this process.

Employees report a positive experience when they are able to trust their employers for their sense of responsibility and integrity when it comes to handling all their stakeholders, including their staff.

Supportive coworkers are also integral to a positive work experience. In the absence of good relationships with coworkers, the employee experience may turn out to be negative.

The work itself is also an important contributor to the positivity of the workplace experience. If the work is not meaningful, the employees’ talent and potential will not be used to the maximum. The work has to be aligned to the organisational goals and core values to be able to provide a positive experience.

To keep employees motivated they have to be given regular feedback. Their good work has to be recognised and appreciated. That occasional pat on the back encourages them to aim higher. In addition, the organisation should also ensure that the employees are shown a clear growth path. Employees whose performance is recognised and appreciated are bound to report a more positive employee experience than those whose performance goes unnoticed or those who are taken for granted.

The employee herself/himself, if empowered and given sufficient liberty at work will report a positive employee experience. This can be ensured by allowing the staff members leisure to pursue hobbies and rejuvenate themselves; and by letting them enjoy the flexibility to balance work and life.

Also important is the time for employees to pursue non-work activities and recharge. Taking their opinions in decision-making also makes employees feel wanted. Employees who feel a sense of belongingness will naturally report positive employee experience.

Unless employees are engaged they will not feel proud of their organisations. Their loyalty and satisfaction depends on the level of engagement and positive employee experience. The combined power of the two can result in a committed, loyal and passionate workforce.

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