HR team will expand in 2022 to keep the remote teams connected

Sriharsha Achar, CHRO, Star Health and Allied Insurance, in his prediction for 2022, says the traditional and time-tested theories and methods of people management practices will undergo transformation


A big change in 2022

For the three Ws — work, workforce and workplace — there will be three playgrounds —physical, digital and phygital. Different leadership skills will be required to manage each of these three Ws in each of these playgrounds. Traditional and time-tested theories and methods will undergo transformation.

HR team: squeeze or expand in 2022

More remote teams means more connect will be required. Human resource departments will now need to hire more people to make sure the connect is alive and kicking, lest we lose key talent.

Great resignation a disguise of great movement

We are witnessing an artificial demand-supply disruption situation at the moment. This is because of the fact that 99 out of 100 organisations are looking to take their businesses to digital platforms. Hence, there is a lot of business in the market and not many people available to take up the roles thrown up by this digitisation.

Even in our organisation, when we were looking to hire IT talent, there were innumerable hassles. People had multiple offers in hand and the compensations they were getting were also shocking to say the least.

‘The Great Resignation’ is certainly only restricted to the IT space. I expect this bubble to burst in one or one-and-a-half year’s time. The entire ‘digital push’ is running on steroids.

Internal mobility key to ensure retention

I have always believed that talent should be groomed using internal mobility as a tool along with other developmental supplements. Public sector undertakings do this well. However, the private sector is more straight jacketed, but it is changing.

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