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Why the future will be different for telecom sector?

Mobile services have been around in India for 20 years. What they have done to the country is nothing less than transformational. The network effect on India’s social and economic fabric is immeasurable. Its impact on personal living styles and family relationships is intense. And there is more to come! The future is going to be very different. For employees in this sector, it will all be about ‘jobs never done before. Here is a parallel drawn between telecom and startups.

New Year Special: Will talent demand meet infra boom?

The infrastructure industry is ready for a boom—both from the government policy front, and due to heavy investment from the private sector. But where is the talent in India to execute these projects?

New Year Special: Global impact on India’s people business in 2016

Enhanced security concerns across the world in response to terror; a possible slowdown in growth economies as well as subdued oil prices will all have a role to play in how business is shaped this year. This will have a deep impact on the amount of leverage the people function will have.

New Year Special: Questioning the age-old practices in HR: 2016

Traditional, copybook HR practices are fast outliving their relevance and some of the HR beliefs and practices need to be shunned this year.

New Year Special: Celebrated HR concepts under scanner in 2016

Last year, performance management had to adapt to dramatically changed worldviews. It is expected that many such HR concepts will come under scanner this year. Read to find out more.

New Year Special: How should a leader strategise in 2016?

An analysis, on upcoming challenges in ‘Strategic People Management’ which people leaders will have to gear for this year.

New Year Special: Culture Milieu: 2016

How the organisational culture could change in 2016 and impact people and companies.

New Year Special: Disruptions in HR: 2016

As the end of the year 2015 approaches, it is time to think of the HR disruptions and innovations one is likely to see in 2016, and beyond. One may not have the perfect handle of all changes happening but directionally these are some of the likely occurrences.

New Year Special: The Learning Zodiac: 2016

As the new year starts knocking on the door, there will be predictions galore. So, here is what Abhijit Bhaduri thinks could be the future of learning for each sun sign. Pun Intended, just read and enjoy!

How personalised learning can transform capability development in 2021

According to the World Economic Forum, there is a fierce urgency for reskilling in the world, as over one billion jobs have been transformed...

Dilemmas and decision making – How coaching can help leaders at...

Leaders, especially, talented and competent ones, are critical for organisations. They perform well under pressure and willingly step up when required to shoulder a...


All-India Quarterly Establishment-based Employment Survey (AQEES) to cover 9 sectors

The Labour Bureau under the aegis of the Ministry of Labour and Employment will be conducting the All-India Quarterly Establishment-based Employment Survey (AQEES). This...

McDonald’s staff to work from office thrice a week

Corporate staff at McDonald's are expected to start working from office thrice a week. Chris Kempczinski, CEO, McDonald’s, drew attention to the fact that...

Will full vaccination be compulsory for employees to return to office?

Given the positive signs in the form of decline in daily number of positive cases and deaths due to COVID in the country, many...

Testbook to tie up with universities and IITs for job-prep programme

Testbook.com, the Indian government job preparation ed-tech platform, will now offer a 360-degree ‘’Skilled Campus Programme’ for students, across over 50 universities and colleges,...


“If CEO is the father of an organisation, CHRO is the mother,” Pankaj Lochan

Q. You have been shuttling between HR and manufacturing roles. Was it a well-thought out strategy or did you just go with the flow...

Binding multi-faceted employees with Titan Values

Titan has different sets of employees for different functions and verticals, ranging from the shopfloor to the retail stores. How do you bring in...

The right people policy for startups – Madan Nagaldinne

You happen to have worked mostly with large organisations. How different is it working for a startup now? When you have worked for big...