Amazon trims ad team; actual no. of job cuts not known

An internal memo stated that Amazon reallocated the resources of the ads team. Some team members have been shifted and programmes have been slowed down. Skills gaps are being addressed to maximise benefits to customers and the business's health in the long term.


Amazon has acknowledged terminating certain employees from its advertising team, as per a CNBC report. Earlier this year, in the last round of job cuts, Amazon axed a total of 9,000 jobs. That means, a total of about 27,000 employees were let go. This marks the largest workforce reduction in the history of the e-commerce giant. The specific number of employees affected this time around is yet to be made public by the company.

According to a memo obtained by CNBC, it is clear that only the advertising team at Amazon has been impacted in this round of job cuts. The previous rounds of job cuts impacted various departments, including retail, devices, recruiting, human resources, cloud computing, Twitch live streaming and HR teams.

An internal memo, shared by Paul Kotas, senior vice president of advertising, Amazon, reportedly informed employees of the recent layoffs, which was necessary because the company is prioritising resources during the 2023 planning process, with a focus on maximising benefits to customers and ensuring the long-term health of the business.

The process, as per the memo, entailed reallocation of resources within the ads team. That means, some members have been shifted, while certain programmes have been slowed down or halted. Areas where the team is lacking have been identified, to tackle skills gaps and address priorities. As a result, the company has had to make some serious decisions after carefully considering various factors. This resulted in the need to eliminate certain roles.

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