How Tech Mahindra prepares to get back to work post lifting of lockdown

As the Company readies to get its staff back in office, it has come up with a detailed plan that covers the safety measures, along with several guidelines for its employees.


Tech Mahindra has laid down a strategic plan for smooth functioning in the post lockdown era.

To begin with, the Indian multinational IT services provider will only get 10 per cent of its workforce to its offices, while the remaining 90 per cent will continue to work from home for some time. It currently has 94 per cent of its staff working from home. The challenge, however, is their reintegration back to the office.

Currently, our country is classified into three zones – red, orange and green — based on the number of COVID positive cases, doubling rate, the extent of testing and surveillance feedback.

With some of its offices falling under these zones, Tech Mahindra itself has divided its office premises, buildings, and floors into several zones as a precautionary measure. The seating of employees is distributed as per these zones, and no one will be allowed to crossover from one zone to the other, even within the same floor. This is to maintain social distancing.

Harshvendra Soin, chief people officer, Tech Mahindra, says, “We have made a comprehensive plan, building-by building, floor-by floor, and zone by zone. We have divided the zones depending upon the number of employees in each of the buildings. There are demarcated areas within these buildings out of which people cannot go.”

These zones have been created to ensure minimum risk in case of infection.

Besides, within the office premises, everything starting from seating arrangements in offices and cafeterias, to elevators and washrooms, each position is demarcated as per the plan. There will be no face-to-face meetings with more than five members.

As far as the seating arrangements are concerned, a six-feet distance between two associates will be maintained, both in the work areas and cafeterias. In queues at the cafeteria, a minimum of one-meter distance will be mandatory. To further avoid frequent contact, doors will remain open. Common areas, such as gyms and creche facilities will remain closed even after the offices reopen.

The office premises will be equipped with sanitisation facilities, adhering to all norms. Frequent sanitisation of lifts, common places, restrooms and public touchpoints will be mandatory. Attendance will be marked online, using tracking software. Also, machines brought back by the employees from their homes will be allowed inside only after a machine health check by Travel Information Manual (TIM).

The idea behind this plan is to make sure that each of the employees have a common understanding of the Do’s and Don’ts of, before, and after coming back to office.

Soin mentions that all these measures, taken over the last four to five weeks, have been in line with the Company’s philosophy of putting its people’s wellbeing above its business.

According to Soin, the new normal will be to continue complying with the restrictions for a considerable period of time.

Harshvendra Soin

There is an assessment happening, where hiring is not in the scenario for the next six months. Our first preference will be to reskill our internal people

In an endeavour to save all jobs, the top management of the Company had stepped up last week, to take the financial hit and forego variable pay cuts. The Company has reviewed its operating costs and taken multiple measures to curb the impact, based on the seniority level.

However, the salaries of around 85,000 frontline workers remain untouched.

As the future is uncertain at the moment, Soin reveals that these salary decisions are for the June quarter.

On the hiring front, the Company has paused all activities at the moment, except for a few critical roles. “There is an assessment happening, where hiring is not in the scenario for the next six months. Our first preference will be to reskill our internal people,” adds Soin.

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