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HR humanoid, K2, for Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra, the digital transformation and business re-engineering services company, has introduced K2, the first human resource humanoid, at its Noida Special Economic Zone...

How Tech Mahindra’s digital transformation journey gets a boost

Facial recognition attendance system, gamification of values and culture, and ‘Dext’ are additions to its digital journey to enhance employee experience.

Companies embrace digital yoga to promote wellness

From Tech Mahindra launching a virtual yoga assistant to desktop yoga adopted by Markelytics Solutions, companies are promoting healthy lifestyle in a big way.

Harshvendra Soin named chief people officer at Tech Mahindra

Soin is a seasoned HR professional. In the past, he was chief people officer at Aditya Birla Retail and Fortis Healthcare.

Tech Mahindra to reskill 117,000 employees through edX.org

edX.org, is an open-source online learning platform founded by Harvard and MIT.

Tech Mahindra trains 70 per cent of its employees on automation

The Company will train about 80 per cent of its workforce in digital technologies, such as Big Data analytics, cloud, mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), AR-VR, machine learning, robotics and bitcoin, by the end of 2018.

Tech Mahindra’s top executives take salary cut due to company’s underperformance

Around 20 executives have written a letter to the CEO and chief people officer of the company, intimating their decision to take a pay cut ranging from 10 per cent to 20 per cent.

More trouble for Tech Mahindra, gets HC notice for layoffs

Things are getting worse for Tech Mahindra after the recent firing fiasco, which brought negative publicity.

Tech Mahindra firing fiasco: CHRO’s call for ‘Downsizing with Dignity’ &...

Tech Mahindra firing:  CHRO’s call for ‘Downsizing with Dignity’Downsizing is inevitable, but it has to be done with dignity else unions will play their role. CHROs spoke to HRKatha on several lessons from the entire episode.

Anand Mahindra apologises for HR’s rude behaviour

An HR executive at Tech Mahindra ordered an employee to resign the very next morning before 10 a.m. or else be prepared to receive a termination letter and an audio clip of the conversation went viral. However, unlike many other companies, the top boss did not shy away from the fiasco, and had the courage to accept and apologise publicly.

Tech Mahindra’s chatbot UVO alters workplace query resolution

NLP-based UVO not just responds to basic queries but also recognises subjective differences in how people tend to ask questions.

Prabir Jha gets an extended portfolio at Cipla

In addition to leading human resources, corporate communications and administration for the firm, globally, he will now also look after legal and corporate affairs.

Vikram Bector joins Cipla as chief talent officer & head corporate...

Bector quit Reliance Industries, early this month, where he was chief talent officer

Vikram Bector, chief talent officer, Reliance Industries, calls it a day

This high-profile departure from the Reliance Industries HR function, comes close on the heels of the resignation of group CHRO, Prabir Jha, in August.

Who is the right CHRO?

In the last one week, three of India’s largest corporate houses have appointed a non-HR executive to lead the human resources function. What works best — a non-functionally trained CHRO or a functionally trained HR leader? The debate is on. 



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Persons with disabilities are more productive and engaged at work

Every year, the International Day for People with Disability is observed the world over, on the third day of December. According to the United...

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