Why are students concerned over Tech Mahindra’s placement offer terms?

A tweet by an NIT Jalandhar student highlighted Tech Mahindra's campus placement offer with two key points: 24x7 shift work and a Rs 1 lakh penalty for leaving before two years.


An engineering student at NIT Jalandhar recently took to Twitter to share his insights into the campus placement offer extended by Tech Mahindra. This tweet shed light on the terms and conditions accompanying the offer, which have raised eyebrows among students. 

There are two key conditions in the Tech Mahindra placement offer. First, candidates are expected to be open to working in shifts that encompass all hours of the day throughout the week. This means, a commitment to a 24×7 work schedule, which can be quite demanding. Second, individuals who secure a position with Tech Mahindra are required to sign a bond stipulating that if they leave the company before completing two years of service, they must pay a penalty of Rs 1 lakh!

The tweet also highlighted that Tech Mahindra is actively recruiting fresh graduates for positions in various company offices. Additionally, the tweet mentioned that selected candidates would serve a standard three-month probationary period, a common practice in the industry. Successful completion of this probationary period will result in the signing of an indemnity bond wherein they will commit to a mandatory two-year service period from their date of joining.

This breaks all prevailing notion that software engineers command high salaries. According to the tweet, Tech Mahindra offered an annual salary of only Rs 3.25 lakh to candidates selected through the regular hiring process. For those who successfully navigated the ‘supercoder’ selection process during placements, the salary offered was slightly higher at Rs 5.5 lakh!

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