New banding and designations for Vodafone Idea employees

Vodafone Idea (VIL) has been discussing a brand new designation structure with its workforce, which is totally different from what was being used by...

Founders, fearless, and family— pillars of Bacardi Culture

Bacardi rings a bell, and that too a happy one if you are nuts about the tipple. Along with consumers, it is adding a...

Creating your own culture under a shadow

Every brand has its own identity. Similarly, every organisation builds its own culture and that is created by its own people. While some of...

Are you ready to leverage the multi-generational workforce of future?

The workforce is changing rapidly because of the widening gap between the four generations working under one roof. While organisations are preparing themselves to...

Name change for HR on the horizon

Along with human resources, its nomenclature is undergoing transformation too. It is not the first time that the human resources (HR) department is going through...

Vedanta’s family get-togethers instil a sense of belongingness

Vedanta, an active player in the aluminum industry, with its superior product quality, is leaving no stone unturned to spread joy amongst its employees...

Why does Alibaba conduct mass weddings of its employees?

Mass weddings are not uncommon in India. This now has spread across the border and reached China. Global e-commerce giant, Alibaba, organises mass wedding at...

Intuit India – Creating a sense of belongingness

Quickly gulping the morning meal, rushing through the daily newspaper and readying for office is common routine for urban professionals. This can be a...

Why do we need cross-functional inputs while making HR policies?

Organisations usually have different teams working on various projects that will help them achieve their targets and move closer to the organisational goal. There...

Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s new mantra: ‘Work that fits your life’

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is setting a new benchmark in employee benefits. Called ‘Work that fits your life’, the programme offers hordes of benefits...

Schaeffler revamps HR practices in line with shifting employee preferences

The changing dynamics in the workforce is compelling companies to change the way they function and mould their policies according to the preferences of...

Barco gets recognition for robust work culture

Barco boasts of a great work culture on five parameters: fairness, respect, credibility, pride and camaraderie. They recently received a recognition for being a great...

Microsoft employees call for 40 hours a week work limit in China

A group of Microsoft employees has raised its voice against the taxing ‘996’ work culture that supports a six-day week work schedule lasting from...

Women staff at Google speak up about culture of retaliation

Two women employees of Google, who were the force behind the walkout by Google staff last year, have revealed that the Company has retaliated...

Goldman Sachs relaxes dress code

The US investment company, Goldman Sachs, has decided to relax its dress code. An internal memo signed by the senior executives as well as...

I don’t need plan B

Not having a plan B at all means sticking to plan A and persevering to make it succeed, because the path is challenging and...

Social media protocol for employees

The personal life of employees is their business, but when this personal life is exposed to the world through social media, it no longer...

7000 Bacardi employees interact with bar staff

Bacardi, the privately held family-owned spirits company, completed 157 successful years recently. To mark the occasion and as part of the ‘Back to Bar’...

Do employers buy sob stories on social media?

Last week, we stumbled upon a post in a popular social-media networking site for professionals. This is how the post read: - “I was sacked...

Shift in organisational culture requires collaborative effort

Workplace culture defines the character of an organisation, and it is this character that makes it unique and different from others. Organisational culture constitutes...

Purpose over rigidity: Agile and flexible organisations reign supreme

The level of competition has grown so much today, that employees are observed to work tirelessly in offices, with some of them working late...

Five ways to develop more meaningful relationships at work

Human beings are social animals—they crave friendships and true relationships. Having positive people around them makes them happy and helps improve their productivity. Meaningful...

Culture fit is a two-way street now

The culture of a place is determined by the attitude of its people, as well as their values and beliefs. In a workplace, culture...

Communication analytics: A measured approach to culture transformation

‘Culture is the new currency’ is a trendy phrase these days. The expression is used to understand the importance of culture in fetching, fascinating...

‘Fevicol ka Jod’ at the workplace: Pidilite’s strategy to bind its people

One of the most difficult tasks as an HR head, is to create a strong bond between employees. In a country such as India,...

Ushering a cultural shift: Why workplaces are changing for good!

Ask any individual who has been part of the corporate workforce for around two decades, and they will tell you that the most indistinguishable...

How is it working with a non-glamorous sector?

It is no secret that working in a startup is a completely different ball game when compared to larger, established organisations. Whether it is...

Volvo Eicher sells its employability and culture quotient through a film

It’s a growing trend now. While for years, brands have used ad films to influence the consumers, they are now using this vehicle to...

Are employees in a promoter-led organisation more driven and loyal?

While an empowering organisational culture surely does drive employees and makes them loyal, companies with greater influence of promoters witness faster decision-making, which, in turn, motivates employees. 

Insight: How Japan is trying to change its ‘salaryman culture’

Companies have now become lenient and are asking employees to leave on time as the government is pushing for a healthy work culture. 

Godrej’s video on #FathersDay celebrates #EqualParenting

The Group released an illuminating video this Father’s Day, highlighting its inclusive policies that encourage equal parenting.

Are we in for ‘democratisation’ of organisation?

Collaborative leadership is the way. It gives employees a seat at the leadership table and makes them partners in defining the vision and plan for their organisation.

Riding the right path: How Uber is driving a cultural change globally

From focussed efforts to improve upon diversity and inclusion, to working around the new cultural norms, Uber is driving change from all directions.

Why this Godrej video has its employees rapping and performing

The cast of the video comprises Godrejites themselves communicating, in the most authentic manner, why they love where they work. 

Swiggy: Where values define behaviours and performance

This food ordering and delivery company has got it right, in terms of having the right values in place and also ensuring that they cascade down well.

How IBM looks at diversity and inclusion

Inclusivity is an innate part of IBM’s organisational culture and is made possible by focussed groups led by diversity champions across functions.

Building, nurturing and retaining a growing workforce: The Comio story

The smartphones company has expanded its team at an extraordinary pace.

What’s behind CEAT’s film series on #ThingsThatHappenAtWork

The digital ad series is a satirical take on common workplace issues—gender bias, cons of bureaucracy and lack of transparency.

Respect, fairness, camaraderie & equality amongst people are integral to work culture: Venkataramana B,...

The Landmark Group has launched an initiative to ensure its people are happy at work and see pride, positivity and a sense of purpose in their jobs.

Office romance is going through a recession

According to CareerBuilder's Annual Valentine's Day Survey, love is not as much in the air at work, as it used to be earlier. Looks like cupid has gone on leave!

Apollo Munich Health Insurance: Bringing some fun into the workplace

Fun at work is not just essential but an innate part of AMHI’s culture.

This chic office in Mumbai is every worker’s dream

SutraHR has gone ahead and innovated with its workplace design, making it appear more like a cool lounge.

How biophilia boosts productivity at Piramal’s new Mumbai office

Experts opine that a biophilic design impacts productivity, creativity and collaboration.

Fancy perks and benefits Apple employees enjoy

From paid time off and annual gym credit to beer bashes and product discounts, Apple has everything to entice new joinees.

Marrying German and Indian cultures at Dr. Oetker India

Following Dr. Oetker’s acquisition of Fun Foods in 2008, one of the biggest challenges was to bridge the gap between employer ambitions and employee expectations.

How family-like culture makes MY FM a fun workplace

MY FM has a host of initiatives designed to make people feel cared for just as their families value them.

How Mahindra is building a future-ready workforce

The Group is challenging conventional thinking to help people ‘rise’ and build a purpose-driven organisation.

How agile organisations fare better than bureaucratic ones

Agile performance units excel at strategy and people-related practices, and are more stable and dynamic than bureaucratic units.

Absenteeism or presenteeism? Which is worse?

Forced presenteeism due to pressure to display discipline and performance may be counterproductive.

Working in a public-sector bank may soon get tough

PSBs will soon begin operating as private banks, with lesser staff and focus on performance