Goldman Sachs relaxes dress code

The Company is allowing its employees to come to work in casual clothes.


The US investment company, Goldman Sachs, has decided to relax its dress code. An internal memo signed by the senior executives as well as the CEO urged its employees to use good judgment in their choice of fashion. In 2017, the Company had first relaxed the dress code for its technology division, in an attempt to please and retain talent.

Taking into account the changing environment of workplaces and the casual nature that is prominent in today’s offices and also appeals to the younger lot, the Company has decided to update its policy.

Over 75 per cent of the Bank’s workforce comprises millennials, who will no doubt welcome this change with open arms.

The CEO, David Solomon, who happens to be an electronic dance DJ too, marks a new era of leadership. Not only has Solomon promised more transparency but has also helped the Bank progress in terms of retail banking.

When Solomon co-headed the Company’s investment division in 2007, he won the public offering of Lululemon athletica when his team turned up for the meeting in Athleisure clothes instead of suits. Solomon himself stood out in a maroon blazer and sweatpants!

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