ICICI Bank undergoes cultural shift, scraps employee grades and hierarchies

From now on, the group leader will sit along with the team and not inside a cabin, making for a more open, flexible and agile culture.


A very positive cultural overhaul is taking place at ICICI Bank’s head office at Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai. Not only have cabins and grades been discarded, but automation and digitisation are being embraced in a big way.

Henceforth, the group leaders will not be sitting within cabins, but amongst the team members. There will be some conference rooms available for employees’ use for discussions and meetings. Also, the dining room, which was once meant only for the senior executives has been thrown open to the entire workforce.

Henceforth, no ranks above assistant general manager will exist. Grades other than that of the managing director and the executive directors have been discarded. By removing hierarchies the organisation aims to be more flexible and agile so that the speed of response to the marketplace is improved.

Cabins and all other symbols reflective of grade have been done away with for good. For instance, difference in cars and cabin size, which were reflective of certain grades and the benefits they attracted, have been abolished, and many have been replaced with cash benefits.

The employees who were till now used to being identified by their roles, such as division heads, will now be commonly referred to as the leadership team. The earlier practice of prefixing the designation with the grade, will be done away with.

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