Sterlite Tech’s new office is about a cultural makeover


The company’s open office at Mumbai embodies a new culture and enables co-creation of value through focus on innovation and collaboration.

With an aim to encourage an innovation-driven mindset among its workforce, Sterlite Tech is changing its work culture from a hierarchy-driven one to an agile and collaborative one. With that, Sterlite Technologies and Sterlite Power have shifted to the new open office facility this year.

Sterlite Tech’s open office at Mumbai, which can seat up to 200 employees, embodies a new culture and also enables co-creation of value through focus on innovation and collaboration. Doing away with the age-old cabins, all employees sit in an open office setup in the new space. This cultural change has broken the mindset of equating one’s office space with seniority. The new open office motivates employees to break routine, communicate, continuously innovate and be agile.

The average employee age at the company is in the early 30s, with a mix of experienced and fresh blood from global and Indian campuses, all committed to the same cause. Accommodating these various age groups seamlessly, the office has breakout zones, an amphitheatre, a sports room; quiet spaces and huddle rooms for writing and strategising. In addition, it also features a stylishly-designed canteen providing the employees a much-needed coffee and chat break.

Anand Agarwal

Talking of the new space, Anand Agarwal, CEO, Sterlite Technologies, says, “This is Sterlite Tech’s first ever open office, and it is an entirely new experience to work here! It gives one the feeling of warmth and openness that has enhanced the innovative culture of the organisation.”

From open glass cubicles, comfortable furniture and huge breakout zones, to fun play areas equipped with billiards, carrom, and darts, the new office is a comfortable work-friendly space to be. High-speed Wi-Fi connectivity lets employees work from anywhere. The two office highways (walking spaces) for employee flow allow free movement throughout the office and boost collaboration within different teams.

Natural light coming in through the glass walls brightens up the mood in the office. The view of lush green mangroves meeting the skyline complements the overall openness created by the sheer design of the office.

Sharing the benefits of moving into an open office, Agarwal says, “The vibrant look of the office with tastefully designed artworks and installations sparks creativity amongst all employees. In addition, the technologically-advanced office space with app-based meeting room scheduler, lightning fast Internet, enabled by fibre-to- the-desk connection and smart lighting, makes working a thoroughly enjoyable experience for our tech-savvy employees.”

The new office is built around the theme of ‘Connecting dots through smarter networks’ with the design elements conceptualised by artist Hetal Shukla. “As we transform our identity and emerge as leaders in delivering smarter networks, this new open office space is fostering our transition to a more agile and nimble Sterlite Tech,” Agarwal adds.

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