Former Tesla employees allege racial discrimination

A handful of African-American and Hispanic employees who used to work for the Company have revealed that they were overlooked for promotions, and preference was given to undeserving White colleagues.


A few African-American and Hispanic former employees at Tesla’s solar panels manufacturing factory in Buffalo, New York, have alleged that they were discriminated against at the workplace. They filed a complaint with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the New York Division of Human Rights.
The said employees have accused the Company of overlooking them for promotions and preferring to promote Whites who were less qualified. They also allege that they were targets of racist comments and unfair treatment at the factory.

These six employees were laid off in January. Not surprisingly, 80 per cent of those who lost their jobs at the time comprised minorities.
These former employees, along with other minority workers were reportedly accused of being lazy. Some were also assigned jobs that were physically strenuous or unpleasant, such as disposing garbage, which saved their White colleagues from having to do the same work.

The employees allege that their White colleagues were often chosen for promotions even if they failed to meet the requirements in terms of experience. There was an instance when, of the 45 Black workers who applied for a promotion (to five posts), not a single one was selected, and all the posts went to Whites.

Unfortunately, the HR did not pay heed to these employees when they raised concerns and no action was taken to address them.

Last year, allegations of racial discrimination were made against Tesla’s plant at California too. However, the Company denies them.

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