Microsoft and Telangana government will together empower women

The collaboration will ensure more women enter the STEM fields equipped with knowledge of transformational technologies that will help make the country future ready.


Microsoft has tied up with the Telangana government’s Women Entrepreneurs Hub (WE Hub) to help women of the region focus on the designing and execution of learning activities and tools. This will not only push them towards innovation, but will also encourage the young girls to study science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

This collaboration will make the infrastructure at Microsoft Garage— a growth platform for employee-led innovation focussed on encouraging women in STEM— accessible to the WE Hub communities.

Now, the women in Telangana will be able to easily network and innovate alongside other women in the STEM fields. The initiative will also train them on artificial intelligence (AI), Cloud and other transformational technologies, enabling them to actively participate in the country’s technology ecosystem.

With this partnership, Microsoft and the Telangana government have ensured that women also get an opportunity to contribute significantly to the digital transformation and skilling revolution of India.

The collaboration will ensure that women are able to work on and use the latest tools, devices and infrastructure offered by Microsoft Garage, to learn and update their knowledge and skillsets. Not only will they be empowered, but they will be well equipped to help shape the country’s future.

The Microsoft Garage programme encourages employees to work on projects that they feel passionate about, irrespective of whether they are related to the role or function they are associated with in the company.

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