Taco Bell employee fired after passing negative remarks on Muslims

A video of the employee was captured by a customer, clearly showing her spewing anti-Muslim remarks.


A Taco Bell employee was fired when a video clearly showing her passing negative and violent remarks against Muslims went viral. The incident happened in Missouri, US.

At 1 a.m. in the drive-thru of the fast-food restaurant, Tarek Hamdan decided to grab a meal just before the Ramadan fast. That is when he encountered the Taco Bell employee who gushed negativity and let out anti-Muslim comments while having a conversation with him.

Hamdan was patiently trying to explain to the lady that he also hated all those terrorists but she kept on saying that all Muslims were a threat to her country and its people.

Having recorded the conversation in a video, Hamdan posted it on social media.

A tweet by Hamdan says that he had a 25-minute debate with the Taco Bell employee, but the lady consistently kept stating that all Muslims are terrorists.

In the video, Hamdan tells the woman that, “It’s not what you think and what you see in the news. We don’t follow those people. Those people are monsters. Those people are disgusting. Those are the people who make the religion look bad.”

Later, a statement released by Taco Bell said that the employee seen in the video was fired. The Company also reached out to Hamdan who came to the restaurant as a customer to make formal apologies.

The incident raises fingers at the culture of the employees at Taco Bell and calls for an immediate cultural competency training for all its staff. The incident was also criticised by Faizan Syed, executive director, Council of American-Islamic Relations, Missouri.

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