Flyhomes starts informal meets, allows employees to bond better

The Company has launched the ‘Flyhomies Connect’ programme in various cities, including Lucknow, Bangalore and Jaipur


Flyhomes, an end-to-end real-estate brokerage and technology firm, has initiated a countrywide employee-engagement programme called ‘Flyhomies Connect’. The initiative is a city-specific programme, and will take place in the cities with a large number of Flyhomes employees.

The programme will see employees meeting each other for physical get-togethers, either for lunch or for dinner. The objective is to allow employees working in the same city an opportunity to connect with each other. Employees at Flyhomes enjoy the flexibility to work from home and office, as per their convenience following the hybrid model.

The senior leaders in the Company are also encouraged to meet and be part of these informal gatherings. After all, it is the senior leadership team that drives the true culture and vision of the organisation. The senior leaders will also provide guidance and mentorship to employees during these gatherings.

“As a remote-first organisation, we at Flyhomes recognise the significance of employee engagement on the overall culture, as well as micro and macro-level growth of the company and its people,” said Gaganpreet Luthra, MD, Flyhomes India.

It is hoped that this “memorable and engaging experience” will enable the employees to “interact with each other in activities outside of work”. This initiative is also expected to “instil a sense of camaraderie, contentment and loyalty amongst our members” and “help in breaking silos”.

As a pilot project, the Flyhomies project was started in Bangalore and will now be launched in Hyderabad, Lucknow, Jaipur, and Haldwani (Uttarkhand) this month.

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