Zerodha takes measures to prevent staff burnout

No more official messages will be sent to anyone after 6 pm or on holidays


Zerodha, the online broking firm, has decided to do its bit to prevent employees from experiencing burnout. Nithin Kamath, CEO, Zerodha, announced on Twitter that the Company’s employees will not receive any work-related chats after 6 p.m. No official posts or messages will be sent to anyone on holidays either. He hopes that this move will help prevent the workforce from experiencing undue stress or burnout.

His posts suggest that too much of multitasking can lead to brain damage and affect the mental health of employees. In his post, he also reveals that Zerodha is “trying to get as many conversations to be asynchronous, moving them from chat to our internal instance of @discourse.”

Kamath, who has openly supported a 100 per cent work- from-home model on social media, has shared that Zerodha will hire customer support personnel who will work from home full time. The same approach will soon be followed for other departments as well.

His tweets indicate that Kamath advocates transitioning to smaller cities and towns. He feels that by moving away from the bigger cities, companies will not only be creating more job opportunities for people in the smaller towns, but they will also be reducing carbon footprint significantly. He is of the opinion that a permanent solution to the problems being faced today can be found only in switching to remote working for good.

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