“Switch off from work after shift”: Motilal Oswal to staff

The company believes that people’s brains reach a saturation point after 8 hours of work


Showing commitment to the wellness of its employees, Motilal Oswal Financial Services has asked its staff to switch off from work completely post their shift. This is a surprise move considering that the hottest topic of debate these days is the 70-hour per week work schedule.

The stock broking company’s new ‘switch off’ policy ensures that the e-mail servers are shut down after work hours so that employees cannot send or receive e-mails either from within or outside the organisation. Of course, everyone is allowed 45 minutes of grace post their shift to wind up, but after that every employee is expected to leave the office premises.

Niren Srivastava, group chief human resources officer, Motilal Oswal, told ET that the move will not only ensure employee wellness but also enhance productivity. The move is based on the realisation that a human brain tends to get saturated after about eight hours of work.

Clearly, the company realises that the number of hours invested in work by its 9,500 employees (excluding the senior executives) is not as important as the satisfaction levels of the employees themselves. It is the mental and physical health of the workforce that is the top priority for the firm, which will automatically result in better productivity.

The policy excludes the senior-level executives and staff members of the private equity, asset, wealth- management, and investment-banking divisions as their work schedules are different.


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