Wellness allowance, rewards for cycling to work

Indian companies seems to be waking up to the importance of health and wellness in a big way.


Indian companies are going out of the way to ensure the wellness and health of their employees. While a diamond export company has promised rewards to employees who cycle to work for two months, several information technology companies and startups are reportedly working on trying to include a wellness allowance in the compensation structure of their staff.

A diamond export firm in Surat has come up with a unique initiative to ensure the health of its employees. Dharmanandan Diamond has announced rewards, in kind or in cash, to all its employees, who cycle to work for two months, that is, January and February. At least a 100 employees from its 1000-strong workforce are already enthusiastically participating in the initiative, and have gone ahead and bought bicycles. Most of them are covering at least seven kilometres on their bicycles.

The Company may even extend the initiative beyond February. Not only is this a great way to ensure that the employees enjoy better health, the initiative will also ensure that there is less air and noise pollution. This is the Company’s unique way of contributing to the preservation of the environment as well.

Experts predict that very soon most Indian companies will have a wellness allowance in place. That is, a fixed sum will be reimbursed to employees on presenting bills for purchases made or expenses incurred towards ensuring their health and fitness.

After all, healthy employees mean better productivity.

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