Swiggy introduces 4-day a week for the month of May

Employees call it a landmark decision; but social media users react.


Swiggy, the home grown food delivery startup has announced a four-day work week for the month of May for the month of May. This decision has been welcomed by the employees at Swiggy, as they face new challenges related to physical and mental stress impacting work productivity.

Jugal Popat, a manager – quality of supply – with Swiggy put it up on social media stating the company announcement.

He wrote, “This move comes as nothing short of a blessing for everyone of us, where every day is a new challenge and the physical/mental stress about the things going on around us, has been in someway overpowering work productivity. I have always felt extremely proud of working here, and this move only deepens the feeling of gratitude towards the company. Thank you Girish Menon (head-HR, Swiggy) for this extra-ordinary step towards employee welfare. This is definitely a landmark decision in the context of work culture in our country. Feeling truly blessed!”

However, it’s not clear whether this 4-day work week is only for corporate employees or also for the delivery team.

Though the social media post received lots of comments from other users, many also questioned and stated that if this scheme did not benefit the delivery executives, this whole initiative was futile.

A user commented, “Will this be extended to delivery partners? If yes, I would appreciate the move! Considering they’ve been on the run, Of course they aren’t doing you any favour it’s the job which demands that. But having an off for head office staff I feel is a bit of an unfair ordeal considering the value chain is dependent on the delivery boys.”

During the same time last year, Swiggy also saw layoff of over 1200 of its employees, as they were forced to do it amid bad situations.

At the same time, it also showed compassion towards the employees who were laid off by extending their ESOP scheme, an ownership plan liquidity programme worth about seven to nine million dollars to them.

Also, in the month of May last year, Swiggy announced a tenure employee benefits programme for employees who have served for three, five, seven and 10 years in the company which included benefits such as experiential gifts, on-time-use long service leave, enhanced encashable leaves and sabbaticals to name a few.

Understanding the needs of their workforce, the company also introduced a childcare and parental leave policy which was extended all genders including LGBTQ employees. As per the policy, not only the biological parents but people who had adopted children were entitled for the benefits.

According the policy, the main caregiver, whether it be adoptive mothers or single parents was allowed to take 26 weeks off from work whereas the secondary caregiver could take 15 days of leave. This would help the parents to continue their career without any hindrance.

Like Swiggy, there are several other companies who are trying to ease the life of employees.

Recently, HCL also announced that it has shifted some amount of workload from India to other geographical areas to reduce stress amongst employees and Khaitan & CO, a corporate law firm also announced a people wellness framework, to promote mental wellness in their workforce.


  1. People sitting at home and offices are exhausted of work.load and on other end gig riders are chilled working in such weather conditions and pandemic they are never tired as the company feels riders are not humans but are aliens.

  2. Swiggy is a busturd company they don’t think about delivery executive they think about self they r selfish he is paying jst 20 per order daily we r working for 12 hrs and kilometres r 180 above tell us how can v earn and how can v fullfill our family problems Zomato is also same they just bludy busturds

  3. Of course after waving off the best employees and entire teams , workload will obviously increase for the rest of the retained employees .

  4. Lot has to be done and this is small move by the management. Take care of the employees working hard for you… Understand their pain and kindly do the needed they required.. They’re not outsider of the business they’re heart of your business. .. I think if you look after them business automatically grows…. We’re waiting for your feedback…

  5. You are right i agree with you bro because I’m also working with swiggy it’s all about gharki majburi bro.

  6. Swiggy is paying first 35 per order and now paying 20 rs per order how We can take care of our family sir in this covid 19 period we are delevering orders to all customers and Covid 19 customer’s also if any thing happened who cares our family sir

  7. Sir we are working from 3or4 years for Swiggy increase the base pay for passed 3or4 years old delivery partner’s we all do work geniune work for customers not a fraud please do 35 rs base pay sir

  8. Paid less 25 to 30rs per order they get and they need run for pick food and delivery drop min 7 to 8km drop. If they work for 12 to 14 hr per day they can make of 500 or 600 per day. Monthly payments could be of average of 15k to 16k, you think this ok for them to live with there family. They working for they food not makeing money to becomes big shorts understand this plz. If they stop working lot of people should be in hunger. They don’t care for there and health but they fight for the there family’s to get food hope everyone understand them give some respect to them. Swiggy and zomato held them in this pandami times

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