BNY Mellon to expand workforce in India by 10%

The American bank will be hiring about a 1000 more employees in the country, to add to its already 13,000 strong staff.


American bank, BNY Mellon, is gearing to expand its existing workforce of 13,000 in India, by 10 per cent. The Bank will be hiring a 1000 more employees for its centres in Pune and Chennai, which are well equipped to handle both operations and tech functions, and also accommodate the expanded workforce.

It is reported that the Bank of New York Mellon will continue to hire unlike many others in the back office space that have been cutting jobs due to the financial pressures being faced by their parent companies across the globe. Almost one third of BNY Mellon’s total workforce operates from India. Not surprisingly, its maximum staff outside of North America is housed in India.

While both fresh graduates as well as laterals will be recruited, the Bank will also be taking steps to provide training to its existing staff, to update their digital skills. Learning modules will be developed in-house to help the employees move forward in their careers.

About 6000 employees, that is, about 30 per cent of its present workforce has already undergone at least one digital course. The Bank aims to ensure that at least 70 per cent of its employees have upskilled themselves in a year’s time.

The Bank has always believed in hiring the best talent from top tier universities, technology product companies, as well as banks, without shifting the focus from growing its centres of excellence that have adopted machine learning, block chain, cloud computing, and so on, in a big way.

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